Här är några zines jag har gjort. Kolla vad som finns att köpa i min webshop!

På seriemässor och dylikt byter jag gärna med andra grymma zines/saker! / I’m up for trades!

BOOK: Swedish Comic Sin 5 (2015) (100 SEK)

P1050722   P1050723P1050724

Swedish Comic Sin 5 is an anthology of norm-breaking erotic comics! i have a story in it about a non-binary femme transpunk getting it on with a cute trans-punk-boy at a punk show!

I norrland har det också snöat (2015)

P1050729   P1050730P1050733   P1050731

My first attempt at digital colouring! It’s a short slow story about living in the north of sweden (and norway and finland) and how we are constantly over-looked from the people in the south.

Dom kan inte höra musiken (2015)

P1050676   P1050677


my new zine is finished! it’s called “dom kan inte höra musiken” (which is from a song about cops by the umeå band masshysteri) and is about police repression during anti-fascist demos this fall and and always. 44 pages!!! and you can’t see very well in the picture but the cover is in SILVERRRR. in swedish

200 mil (2014)

P1050679   P1050680

small mini fold-zine about long distance relationships. Both swedish and english copies.

Kära Dagbok (2014)

P1050681   P1050682

all of the weird shit i write in my diary. in swedish.

Morot fast på latin – 24-timmars-serie (2014)

P1050683   P1050684

it’s about my first band when i was 16 in the north of norway. christian black metal fans, goths online, small town punx and vampires and it’s all trueeeeee!!! in swedish.

Youth Culture Forever #5: Kisses (2014)


36 pages, black and white and contains four romantic adventures in a non binary transperson’s life. in english.

Youth Culture Forever #4 (2014)


Various coloured images of animals saying stupid stuff. in english.

Youth Culture Forever #3 (2013)


Youth Culture Forever # 3 handlar om livet i sociala nätverk, samhälle och tidsbrist. in english.

Youth Culture Forever #2 (2013)

P1050719   P1050720P1050721

Youth Culture Forever #2 handlar om 80-tals high school filmer, att vara queer och politisk och hardcore. in english.

Youth Culture Forever #1 (2013)


Youth Culture Forever #1 handlar om att bli lurad av en hipster, om att inte vara en cis-kille i hardcore-scenen och om att komma hem. in english.

La Cassetta Occupata (2011)

P1050725  P1050727 P1050728 

La Cassetta Occupata handlar om att lifta i europa och hänga på ett ockuperat hus i Italien. in english.

Gnagsår 2 (2010)

About a small village in the north of Norway where i spent my summers as a kid and looking at it from a now perspective. In norwegian.

Gnagsår 1 (2009)

About living in Umeå and how awesome it is and some animal rights comics. In norwegian.


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